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Landmannalaugar - Grænihryggur Trail




15-17 km

Estimated time:

8-9 hours


1280 m

the Hidden Beauty of Grænihryggur

Nestled within the Landmannalaugar mountain range, is a remarkable natural jewel with its intense emerald green color and unique shape. This hiking trail offers an extraordinary experience for expert hikers seeking pristine beauty.


The trail, accessible from road f208, takes you through a pristine and stunning landscape. It is important to note that the trailhead is not directly accessible from the Landmannalaugar camping ground. Instead, it is located along road f208 (GPS coordinate: 63.985379, -18.967098).

To reach Grænihryggur, you will need a car capable of navigating f-roads. If approaching from the f208 south, be prepared to cross several rivers. However, no river crossings are necessary when accessing from the north.

The hike itself is long and demanding, reserved for experienced hikers. Expect steep sections and river crossings along the way. The trail is marked by trail posts, guiding you through the enchanting scenery until you reach Grænihryggur.

Start your journey at the designated parking area on the side of road f208, easily identifiable by a small pullout area, a trail post, and signs indicating no camping and no drone usage.

Discover the hidden beauty of Grænihryggur, a hike that promises an unforgettable adventure for those seeking the extraordinary.


“ Erleben Sie Islands großartige Natur.