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Lambi Trail




21,7 km

Estimated time:

6 hours



Off the Beaten Path Hiking Trail in Northeast Iceland

Nestled near the town of Akureyri in the Northeastern Region of Iceland, the Lambi Hiking Trail beckons adventure enthusiasts with its challenging terrain and breathtaking landscapes. Covering a distance of 21.7 kilometers round trip, this trail is a favorite among hikers, mountain bikers, and trail runners.

The Journey Begins:

The trail commences from the same parking area as the Súlur mountain trail, leading participants towards the picturesque Glerárdalur valley. The initial stretch of the hike involves following yellow markers, guiding adventurers through a pleasant walk from the valley's mouth to its depths.

Scenic Beauty Along the Way:

The Lambi Hiking Trail unfolds as a scenic adventure, showcasing the stunning landscapes of Glerárdalur valley. The route spans approximately 11 kilometers, culminating at the Lambi hut, situated deep within the valley. Along the way, hikers are treated to panoramic views and a tranquil atmosphere, creating a perfect blend of challenge and natural beauty.

Lambi Hut:

A Welcoming Oasis at the heart of the Glerárdalur valley lies the Lambi hut, perched at an elevation of approximately 720 meters above sea level. Built in 2014, this rustic refuge accommodates up to 16 individuals, providing a cozy shelter for tired hikers. The hut is equipped with a kerosene-operated stove for cooking and heating, ensuring a warm and comfortable stay. A small stream, just 100 meters south of the hut, provides a reliable source of refreshing drinking water.

Lambi Hut in Glerárdalur Valley

Overnight Stay and Reservations:

For those seeking a more immersive experience, the Lambi hut offers the possibility of overnight stays with prior reservations. Hikers can plan ahead by contacting the Club office of FFA via email at or by phone at +354 462 2720. This overnight option allows adventurers to extend their exploration of the Glerárdalur area and explore the various mountain routes branching out from the hut.

The Lambi Hiking Trail stands as a testament to the rugged beauty of Iceland's Northeast, offering a challenging yet rewarding adventure for outdoor enthusiasts. From the thrilling ascent to the Lambi hut to the serene moments of solitude along the way, this trail provides an unforgettable experience for those seeking to connect with nature in one of the most stunning regions of Iceland.

Map of Trail


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