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Ölkelduhnjúkur Hike in Reykjadalur




3.8km Loop

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Ölkelduhnjúkur Hike

Iceland's ethereal landscapes are a playground for outdoor enthusiasts, and the Ölkelduhnjúkur hike is a hidden gem that beckons those seeking a deeper connection with the country's natural wonders. As an extension to the classic Reykjadalur Hot River Hike, Ölkelduhnjúkur adds an extra layer of awe-inspiring beauty to your Icelandic adventure.

Ölkelduhnjúkur Hike

A Natural Symphony Unfolds

The Ölkelduhnjúkur loop hike, spanning approximately 3.8 km, commences from the famed Reykjadalur, known for its steamy valleys and soothing hot rivers. As you embark on this extended journey, you'll find yourself immersed in a symphony of natural wonders without a crowd.

Ölkelduhnjúkur Hike

The Steam Valley

The trail leads you through a mesmerizing Steam Valley, where ethereal plumes rise from the Earth, creating an otherworldly atmosphere. Witness the raw power of geothermal activity as you pass bubbling hot springs and vibrant mud holes, each telling a story of Iceland's dynamic geological history.

Ölkelduhnjúkur Hike

Blue Lakes and Red Sands

Ölkelduhnjúkur doesn't just offer a hike, it's a visual feast. Traverse landscapes adorned with vivid blue lake, contrasting against the fiery red volcanic sands. The color palette of this region is a testament to the geological diversity that defines Iceland.

Ölkelduhnjúkur Hike

Boiling Mud on Ölkelduhnjúkur Hike

Steam Valley

Klambragil Canyon

The trail unfolds into the enchanting Klambragil canyon. Imposing rock formations, winding pathways, and the distant echoes of flowing water from secret waterfall.

Klambragil Canyon

Completing the loop, the trail guides you back to Reykjadalur.

Reykjadalur Hot River

Practical Tips for the Hike

  1. Combined Adventure: Since Ölkelduhnjúkur is an extension of the Reykjadalur hot river hike, consider combining both for a comprehensive Icelandic adventure.
  2. Start Early: Begin your hike early to relish the serenity of Reykjadalur and have ample time for Ölkelduhnjúkur.
  3. Camera Ready: The landscapes you encounter, from steaming valleys to vibrant lakes, are a photographer's dream. Ensure your camera is ready to capture these moments.
  4. Respect Nature: Stay on marked trails, adhere to Leave No Trace principles, and appreciate the fragile ecosystems you encounter.

In conclusion, the Ölkelduhnjúkur hike is a symphony of nature that invites you to explore the diverse wonders of Iceland. By extending your journey from Reykjadalur, you're treated to a visual spectacle that encompasses geothermal marvels, vibrant landscapes, and the captivating beauty of Klambragil canyon. For those seeking an immersive Icelandic experience, Ölkelduhnjúkur promises an unforgettable adventure off the beaten path.


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