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Vestmannaeyjar - Eldfell Volcano Hike




1.7km Blue Line

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Exploring Eldfell Volcano: A Scenic Hike on Heimaey Island

Discover the captivating landscapes of Heimaey Island with a hike to the summit of Eldfell Volcano. This scenic adventure, suitable for families and novice hikers, offers multiple routes of varying lengths and difficulty levels, ensuring an enjoyable experience for all.

The View from Eldfell Volcano

Multiple Starting Points:

1. Fellavegur Car Park (Blue Line): Begin your journey from the information board in the car park located by Fellavegur.

2. Northwest of Eldfell (Yellow Line): Start your hike from the information sign positioned to the northwest of Eldfell.

3. Eldheimar (Yellow Dotted Line): Follow a marked path from Eldheimar, proceed along a road to the northwest, and reach an information point.

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Eldfell Volcano Summit

Safety Tips:

  • Ideal for families and those with limited mountain-hiking experience.
  • Exercise caution on mountain ridges and steep slopes.

About Eldfell:

  • Eldfell is a volcano formed during the Heimaey eruption in 1973.
  • Standing at approximately 131 meters, it is located east of Helgafell.
  • In close proximity to Eldfell, explore the Eldheimar museum, providing insights into the eruption's history.

The View from Eldfell Volcano

Ferry to Vestmannaeyjar

Campsite Options:

Two campsites available in Vestmannaeyjar: Herjólfsdalur Glamping & Camping and Þórsvöllur Campsite.

Herjólfsdalur Glamping & Camping

Herjólfsdalur Glamping & Camping

Embark on this memorable hike to Eldfell and immerse yourself in the natural wonders of Heimaey Island. As you ascend, relish panoramic views and connect with the geological history shaped by the 1973 eruption. Don't miss the chance to visit the Eldheimar museum nearby, adding a layer of understanding to the fascinating narrative of this volcanic landscape.


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