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How much is gas in Iceland?

Use this convenient calculator to estimate the cost of gasoline, diesel, or electricity for your vehicle during your stay in Iceland. Simply choose your fuel type, input your route and consumption details, and let the calculator provide you with an estimated cost. Whether you're planning a road trip around the Golden Circle or the Ring Road, stay budget-savvy with up-to-date fuel cost calculations.

Calculator reflects the average prices from gas stations across the country, updated regularly to ensure you have the latest information.

Gas stations in Iceland

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Map of Gas Stations in Iceland

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1. Navigating the Fuel Landscape: Gas Stations in Iceland

When traveling in Iceland, you'll discover that gas stations are more than just places to refuel your car—they are oases on the road, especially in the more remote parts of the country. Given the island's unique geographical features, gas stations are strategically located to serve not just locals but a growing number of tourists exploring the starkly beautiful landscape in rental cars and campervans.

3. Fuel Prices and Payment

Fuel prices in Iceland may be higher than what you're used to, primarily due to taxes and the cost of importing fuel to this remote island nation. Prices fluctuate but are updated regularly, reflecting the average cost from various stations, ensuring you have up-to-date information. Most gas stations in Iceland are self-service and open 24/7, accepting credit and debit cards. Some may also accept cash, but as Iceland moves towards being a cashless society, card payments are the norm.

5. Advice for Travelers

If you're planning to drive in Iceland, it's essential to know that the distances between gas stations can be significant, especially in the Highlands or on less frequented roads. Always keep an eye on your fuel gauge and plan your stops accordingly. It's also helpful to carry a map with gas stations marked, although GPS and mobile apps are reliable tools for finding your nearest fuel stop.

For electric vehicle drivers, Iceland is accommodating the shift to electric mobility, with an increasing number of charging stations available, particularly in and around urban centers and along the Ring Road.

2. The Network of Gas Stations

Iceland's network of gas stations is extensive, with well-known brands like N1, Olís, and Orkan operating across the country. Many stations, particularly in urban areas like Reykjavik, Akureyri, and along the well-traveled Route 1 (the Ring Road), offer a range of services. You'll find clean restrooms, convenience stores, and often a café or fast-food outlet attached. In rural areas, gas stations can be sparse, so it's wise to fill up when you have the opportunity.

4. Additional Services

Aside from fuel, many gas stations provide additional services such as car washes, vacuum cleaners, and air pumps. Some also serve as service centers where you can have your car checked or repaired, which can be crucial if you're heading into the island's more rugged terrain.

6. Conclusion

The gas stations in Iceland are more than just pit stops; they are integral to the Icelandic road-trip experience. They offer a chance to stretch your legs, grab a bite, and chat with fellow travelers or locals. With their distinctive services and the ever-present backdrop of Iceland's natural beauty, they're a unique aspect of any Icelandic adventure.